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The Computer Clinic's Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

All terms and Conditions apply.


Please use the numbers below to contact us with your requirements.

Mob: 07960375029
e-mail: info@comclinic.co.uk

Some times the quickest way to fix a computer is to buy a new one but we are reasonable with our charges and we will ask for permission to repair with an approximate cost for you.

Computers rated as beyond economical repair will incur a minimum fee, a standard computer clinic workshop hour charge.

If a computer is sent in to us we will return it with insurance at the customers cost. The Computer Clinic cannot be held responsible for uninsured delivery methods.

We will keep you informed at all stages of the repair or installation so you can choose how to proceed.

The Computer Clinic is not responsible for your data at any time it is the customers own responsibility to back up any data that would cause any loss to the customer.

If an upgrade is requested to a working computer The Computer Clinic is not responsible for your data.

Data includes programs that have a one install life or a copy protection that may result in the program needing to be reinstalled.

In short if the only picture you have of a loved one is on your computer then PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DATA NOW to at least TWO OR MORE DISKS.

OK. where's my DATA

Please Call Mob: 07960375029