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The Computer Clinic can offer you the following services.
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Services Include

If you cannot see what you need give us a call we can help.


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e-mail: info@comclinic.co.uk

New computer data transfer

All data transferred from your old to your new computer.
My documents, Downloaded files, Favourites, Address book & e-mail's

If the computer is working your e-mail pop/server settings will be transferred
Your programmes will always need to be reinstalled on your new system.

Your Internet settings would need to be reinstalled along with all your Drivers.

As new systems are normally bigger than the old ones, a complete copy of the hard drive could be stored in a folder on the your new computer.

Repairs & Fault Finding

Detection of faulty components and advice given on replacements.

Emergency Call Out

As always computers break down when you want them the most, we always try to respond as soon we possibly can.


Advice will be given as to what upgrades are practical as some times the best upgrade is a new base unit.

Memory, Hard Drives and DVD writers are the most common upgrades we carry out.

Software Installation

If your software package is not installing as it should, we can find out why and then we will advise as to what steps can be taken to resolve your problem.

Configuration Problems Solved

Some times computers act strangely, this can be because one or two hardware or software items are conflicting or UN-installed items are still causing problems, we will advise you on a course of action.

Insurance Estimates

Insurance company’s some times require two quotes on a repair, and then they want there suppliers to do the work done, and so we have to charge for this Estimate service.
Most times you can have the Estimate cost returned to you from the company as part of your Insurance excess.

Data Recovery

Data can be recovered from IDE,SATA & SCSI drives and also from RAID sets.
Give us a call, we can help you get back what you may have lost.

Virus eradication

In house removal of problem viruses also problematic spyware.

Wireless equipment Installation

Set up of systems and security set-up to stop unwanted use of your wireless connection.

LAN Advice

Local Area Network can be set up and maintained, LAN problems quickly identified and cable tested with cable testing equipment.



1. Who said computers are just a machine, they think.

2. They know just what to do to mess up your whole day.

3. They have a uncanny way of affecting the one file you haven't backed up for weeks, the one you use every day.

4. Don't be fooled the computer does so many things when you turn them on, and it only takes one thing not to happen in time and the whole thing will stop.

Please Call Mob: 07960375029