20, Conway Avenue, Walton, Peterborough. PE4 6JD
The Computer Clinic Rates.

We always do our best to give you a service with results.


Please use the numbers below to contact us with your requirements.

Mob: 07960375029
e-mail: info@comclinic.co.uk


Single computer / home users

£30 Hour
Call-out for on-site repair. Please call
Collection and return fee (see 1 below) £15.00
Travelling time (see 2 below) Please call
Time on site Please call
Workshop time Please call
Insurance estimate letter (see 3 below) Please call
Data recovery (see 4 below) Please call
Business and Networks servers £80.00 Hour
Out of office hours
normal hours 9:00am to 5:00pm
£120.00 Hour

1. If with in Peterborough City area
2. If out side Peterborough city limits with in reason.
3. We do need to physically see the computer.
4. Data recovery is on a time base and not a recovery basis CD or Hard     Drive & Raids IDE, SCSI, SATA a minimum charge will be made.

Minimum Rate 1 hour.

What can a computer do?

Add two numbers or
compare two numbers

It multiplies by adding many times

It takes away by adding two numbers together
(twos compliment)

It divides by taking away many times

Please Call Mob: 07960375029